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University of Minnesota, Twin Cities(Double B.S. in Computer Science & Mathematics)

  • GPA: 4.0, dual enrolled in high school and then took a gap year before college.

  • Competitive Programming (USACO Gold Division) with C++, US Congressional App Challenge Winner

  • 1st place Education @ HackMIT (top 10 overall), 1st place Hack UIowa, 1st place CuseHacks, 1st place Sonoma Hacks


Skills: Typescript, C++, Python, JavaScript, React, React Native, Java, Redux, PHP, NodeJS, HTML/CSS, SASS

Technologies: MongoDB, MySQL, Firebase/Firestore, Figma, Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes, Docker, Git/Github, Vim

Gap Year Experience

Software Engineer, Fiveable(Full Time/Gap Year,

Sep 2021 - Aug 2022

  • Architected and implemented low-level WebRTC voice and video calling functionality. Started as a proof-of-concept and then scaled to general availability on Google Kubernetes Engine.

  • Reduced application load times by 20x on high-traffic pages by optimizing database queries, network requests, and re-renders.

  • Refactored backend to a REST-ful API and automated tests with Jest and Puppeteer, improving performance and stability.

  • Deployed and managed servers with Terraform on Google Compute Engine for internal tools used company-wide.

  • Designed and built user-facing features using Typescript, Next.js, React, Redux, Material UI, and MongoDB.

Teaching Assistant/Grader, Art of Problem Solving(Contractor,

Aug 2021 - Present

  • Assist twice a week in teaching online classes of 20-50 students answering questions, guiding students, and helping debug.

  • Provide detailed logical and stylistic feedback to students' advanced math and Python solutions. Have graded introductory (Pre-Algebra, Geometry, Counting and Probability, etc.) to advanced (Calculus, WOOT, etc.) homework.

High School Experience

Founder, Bobcat Notify(Part Time,

Nov 2019 - May 2021

  • Published Android and iOS apps for Brookings High School students, staff, and parents for fast and reliable emergency alerts.

  • Gained 2000+ downloads, more than 2.5x the number of students. The school district offered to purchase the app for every school.

  • Collaborated with school administration and IT to deliver timely and relevant push notifications and in-app updates.

  • Maintained an average rating of 4.9 stars across both app stores with over 50 reviews.

Developer, Time,

Sep 2019 - Aug 2022

  • Developed custom PHP image gallery and file storage server to be used by more than 68,000 registered users.

  • Implemented an image optimization service to reduce image file sizes by up to 80% and serve at the edge.

Technical Projects, 3rd @ Hack for Humanity 2022(github)

Python (OpenCV), FFmpeg, Next.js, MongoDB, Docker

  • Used OpenCV and OpenFace to detect, identify, and selectively blur all unrecognized faces in real time.

  • Automated deployments to DigitalOcean droplets using Docker Compose and GitHub Actions.

  • Implemented the frontend to connect to a RTMP proxy server with integrated streaming to Youtube (or any other RTMP endpoint)., 2nd (Remote Learning) @ TAMUHack 2022(github)

Python (OpenCV, FastAPI), Next.js, Docker

  • Parsed user-uploaded lecture videos to create an interactive transcript interlaced with parsed slides from the video.

  • Leveraged OpenCV to extract lecture slides and Google Cloud Speech APIs for transcription via a FastAPI microservice.

  • Built frontend to upload video files to Google Cloud Storage and then fetch relevant data from a MongoDB instance.

Dakota Debate Institute, Summer 2021-2022(

Next.js, Chakra, Express, MongoDB

  • Founded and directed a 501(c)3 nonprofit to run a week-long, overnight debate summer camp with over 45 students and 10 staff.

  • Developed the website and classroom management system for our free live-streamed classes.

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